Karibuni (Welcome)

Cornerstone Church Welcomes You!

Welcome to Cornerstone Church, where followers of Jesus Christ have come from different states, nations, and continents with the purpose of loving, learning, and serving God. We have come from down the street and across the world. We are white, black, yellow, and color-blind. We were born in Russia, Kenya, Congo, Burundi, Tanzania, China, West Virginia, the North Side, and many other places near and far. Our customs are sometimes different and strange to one another, but our love of Jesus Christ is the passion of our hearts. For many of us, English is not our first language, but we are eager to learn and love to practice. All of us, whether native born or immigrant, think that Cornerstone Church is a special place.

You will see things at Cornerstone Church that are unusual for Pittsburgh, but quite common in the rest of the world. Some of our African mothers use a kanga cloth to tie their children on their backs. Adult men often hold hands, as is the African custom of friendship, respect, and serious conversation (women do as well). We are a church of single adults and large families as well as many family sizes and shapes in-between. Our worship experience encourages personal response and community participation. We are diverse in the style of our service yet respectful of personal temperament. Some of our people enjoy worshiping God with quiet stillness while others see worship as a whole body experience where joy is expressed through enthusiastic singing, raising hands in an act of surrender to God, and even dance. Our worship services flow from joyous expression to soft reflection and include meaningful instruction with an invitation to live in the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We acknowledge the need of personally responding in worship while agreeing to come together in a thoughtful process to invite the presence of God into our midst.

You are welcome here. You will leave with a story and a new experience. Our prayer is that it will be a great story and a good experience with a God who loves you and a people who love Him.