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Contact Information:
129 Bellevue Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15229
Phone: 412-931-4686

Welcome to Cornerstone Methodist Church!

Welcome to Cornerstone Church! We're glad that you are interested in what we are doing and hope you will come and check us out in person. At Cornerstone, you will find a vibrant diverse group of people who believe and celebrate the wonder of God's love and the joy of being in a relationship with Him and fellowship with others.

Our Mission

Cornerstone declares these things to be at the forefront of its mission:

To present Jesus Christ as the only solid foundation of life in whom true joy and lasing fulfillment originates, and in doing so to encourage men, women and children to personally discover the delight of life in Jesus Christ.

To promote Biblical understanding through clarity, relevance, and excellence in ministry.

To provide effective resources and training opportunities that encourage discipleship and personal growth in an individual's relationship with Christ.

To produce individuals and families who reach their full potential as followers of Christ-who are full of the Holy Spirit, obedient to the Scriptures, pure in lifestyle, active in fellowship, and dedicated to serving others with their spiritual gifts.

To preserve our community by extending compassion, promoting righteousness, and requiring justice.

A Brief History

In 1980, Reverend Dr. Michael D. Guthrie and his wife, Cathy, returned to Pittsburgh to plant a new church in the area where they had grown up. God's blessings poured out and the young church was able to purchase the building at 129 Bellevue Road, which had once served as the West View Mansion for the now-closed West View Park's owner, George Harton. Now, nearly 30 years later, the church has blossomed to include people from every range of life. A variety of ages, races, and ethnicities now comfortably call Cornerstone home and find joy in coming together to worship. You can read more about our full history on our About Page.

Service Times

Church Services

Sundays at 10:45 A.M.

Bible Study Groups

Wednesday Bible Study

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